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The politically initiated energy transformation created serious challenges for electricity suppliers.

On the one hand, society is calling for energy supply concepts that are as environment-friendly as possible while at the same time the willingness to pay is low. Due to this high investment requirement, the capital demands of the energy sector are rising rapidly. On the other hand, price sensitivity has increased in the course of liberalizing the electricity supply and electricity customers are much more willing to change supplier today than in the past.

The politicization of electricity supply has brought the industry into the public spotlight. Major projects are viewed critically, so that investment projects are not only subject to purely economic risks, but also to social risks. In the other supply sectors, such as water and waste management, the challenges are similar. The mixture of liberalization approaches and environmental compatibility creates an extremely complex and volatile environment for affected companies.

In the development of new concepts, the political dimension must always be taken into account in order to find solutions that outlast political election cycles.

This undermines planning security, for example in the area of network expansion or storage use. At the same time, these infrastructural challenges require increasingly mature complexity management.

ADVYCE Competences

ADVYCE has completed numerous projects in the energy and utilities sector and is therefore well acquainted with the sector’s challenges. Our experience has focused on the following areas:

Electricity and Heat Generation

Water and Waste Water Management

Energy Trading

Waste Management

Power Grids

ADVYCE supports its customers in finding strategic answers to the constantly changing industry environment.


Maintaining flexibility is a core task within an industry in which investment volumes are high and the business environment is constantly changing. In coordination with our industry insights, we help our clients to design the right investment strategy and increase the efficiency of their processes without losing sight of the regulatory environment.

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