Retail & Logistics

Both trade and logistics are confronted with serious developments.

Retail & Logistics

Both trade and logistics are confronted with serious developments. The retail sector is one of the sectors that has undergone the strongest changes as a result of the Internet boom.

In the past there was almost no alternative, but today the retail industry is struggling hard with competition from the Internet and can hardly keep up with it, especially in terms of pricing. Innovative sales strategies and unique selling propositions must be found in order to survive against the competition. The consolidation of the now global supplier network is an additional aggravating factor.

In the highly fragmented logistics sector is also a very strong competitive pressure. In order to permanently be able to stay in the market, a strategically well-thought-out positioning is mandatory. The increasing internationalization of the flow of goods makes it necessary to build up cross-national competencies. At the same time, the demand for more environmentally compatible logistics concepts is increasing.

ADVYCE Competencies


Over the years, ADVYCE has built up intensive expertise in the trading sector, both nationally and internationally. We have focused on the technical requirements in the following areas:




Asset Management

Nowadays, companies that want to be successful in retail have to adapt optimally to the new technological and customer developments. In a competitive environment, those companies that place the customer’s needs at the center of their strategic positioning and exploit technological potential will prevail. This can only succeed if there is a deep understanding of the customer.

ADVYCE supports companies in building this understanding by exploiting all available sources of information.

With the help of our expertise in the field of digitization, innovative technologies such as real-time Big Data solutions can also be applied to create value. The development and optimization of multi-channel strategies has also proven to be an effective means of improving the customer experience and thus generating additional revenues.

Especially in view of the increasing consolidation in the retail sector, it is becoming increasingly important to adapt the organization and processes in the company to this frequently international growth in size in order to avoid losses in efficiency. In this context, our professional know-how in the area of transformation and performance improvement has proven its worth.

ADVYCE Competencies


In the logistics segment, we can draw on experience from the following areas:


Warehouse Services


Shipping-, Sirport- & Railway Companies

Airport & Port Operators

Over the years, ADVYCE has advised numerous clients from the logistics business and supported them in finding the right long-term positioning on the market. This has enabled us to acquire not only industry expertise but also specialized knowledge of relevant core processes within the industry.

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