Telecommunications, Media & IT

The digital revolution has fully taken hold of the telecommunications, media and information technology sectors.

The telecommunication, media and IT industry from our per­spec­tive

Telecommunications, Media & IT

The IT and telecommunications industry is one of the most innovative sectors. Nevertheless, companies are also required to constantly respond to changes here. Together with you, we shape digitization and establish efficient data analytics systems. We also work with you to innovate existing and new business models and support transformation processes. In this way, you will remain sustainably competitive in the future and establish yourself as a cost leader without reducing your performance.

Being the driver of digitization

As one of the main drivers of digitization, the information and communications technology sector is one of the country’s highly innovative industries. In addition to developing its own products, it initiates just as many product and process innovations in other industries. This innovative strength is also reflected in the innovator rate. With innovation expenditures of 15 billion euros and innovation cycles shorter than three years, the industry is one of the country’s top innovators.

Expanding cloud technologies

In the course of accelerated digitization, more and more companies are relying on the use of cloud solutions in their processes and systems. Clouds offer high flexibility, speed and security at low cost. Manufacturers of ERP systems will also be relying on them in the future. The use of cloud solutions in the targeted analysis and evaluation of Big Data is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. Clouds also offer companies in the telecommunications and media industries opportunities to remain competitive and profitable in the future.

Concentrating on cyber security

The consistent expansion of IT and data security is of great importance. With increased use of cloud-based processes, the associated cyber risk increases. In this area, data protection processes and technical solutions, such as AI Security, are being developed further in particular. Although the relevance of cyber security for business-critical processes is increasing, the topic is still of little importance to many decision-makers in companies. Furthermore, the topic is increasingly seen as a strategic competitive advantage.

Shaping the digital media landscape

Disruptive trends are shaping the media landscape. Digital and social media are gradually replacing traditional formats. The growth of offerings in the digital media landscape is continuing due to competitive pressure from international media, new market players and rising customer expectations. Companies in the media industry need innovative solutions in order to adapt their offerings and business models to changing customer needs and to be able to hold their own against the competition in the future.

Service offering

Our approach

ADVYCE sup­ports and ac­com­pa­nies the telecommunication, media and IT in­dus­try  in par­ti­cu­lar with the fol­lo­wing con­sul­ting ser­vices:

Developing a competitive business model

Together with you, we identify attractive business approaches to break through dominant industry logics and innovate your business model. In doing so, we support you not only in concept development, but also in the transformation process. We support you in innovating your service offering in order to increase customer value and thus clearly differentiate yourself from competitors in the IT, telecommunications and media industries. In addition, we support you in creating new forms of value creation along existing and new stages of the value chain.

Helping to shape digitization as a cooperation partner

Through cooperations with selected IT service providers, we contribute to a holistic approach to your projects. Together, we develop sustainable digitization strategies that are focused on an integrated and holistic core platform. This covers all needs without increasing the complexity of your organization and processes. Processes in need of digitization are analyzed in terms of their value contribution and dovetailed with your digitization strategy. Before a final system decision is made, this strategy is revised to create the framework for further decisions.

Creating a digital organization

We help you with the digital transformation and also act here as a neutral ambassador in the possible area of tension between the IT area and other functional areas. In order to fully exploit the potential of Big Data along the entire data lifecycle, we use intelligent algorithms, suitable, statistical procedures and the appropriate methods of data analysis. To make strategic use of your existing data, we combine it in such a way that dependencies and correlations are revealed.

Setting up an organization for the future

Today, the future-proof alignment, management and empowerment of an organization is one of the most important, but at the same time most challenging management tasks. We support you in aligning your corporate structures with your strategy in order to implement it successfully. Based on modern transformation approaches, we align your processes to the needs of your customers and thus achieve excellence. In addition, we support you with successful change management and in the development of new management tools. We accompany your transformation process with both classic and agile project management methods. Thus, we enable efficient work on complex issues in interdisciplinary teams.


Burkhard Wagner

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Burkhard Wagner has more than 20 years of experience in strategic consulting and in the use of information technology and digital media. His focus is on business strategies, marketing and sales as well as the digitalization of processes and industries. He advises financial service providers, professional services and technology companies. In recent years, he has

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