Corporate Finance and M&A

“The basis for new, functioning business models and valuable innovations and investments is appropriate financing.”

Innovation means testing, but this requires capital and time. This is why we support our clients in finding the right, sustainable financing and thus lay the foundation for the development of a sustainable portfolio. At the same time, however, new market conditions and changing customer needs often require a real-time response. ADVYCE helps to identify and implement potential mergers and acquisitions as a lever for inorganic growth.

Corporate Finance and M&A

Successful management also means regularly questioning one’s own portfolio and drawing the appropriate conclusions.

A company has three basic options: it can integrate new companies into its existing business portfolio, sell existing business areas and enter into partnerships with other companies.

All three measures rarely serve exclusively to generate rapid growth, but rather to maximize and secure the long-term added value of the company.

Following this logic, ADVYCE supports its clients in positioning themselves in the market in the best possible way by means of corporate transactions.

Inorganic Growth and M&A

Acquisitions make it possible to profit from potential trends and to realign or expand the focus of one’s own value creation.

The decisive factor for success is that such measures are based on a strategic foundation that is consistent with the company’s overall strategy.

We support our clients in assessing whether an acquisition can improve their own position, which companies are potential candidates and how they can be integrated into the existing corporate structure. In addition, we advise our clients on the concretization of M&A plans, accompany the negotiations, conduct due diligence examinations and support the successful integration of company acquisitions.

Cooperation and joint ventures also offer the opportunity for companies with relatively low risk to carry out strategic realignments and to build up expertise in new business areas. In line with the overall strategy, we search for potential partners and advise on the design of organizational and management structures.


Rethinking one’s own portfolio means not only focusing on growth opportunities, but also critically questioning whether all parts of the company contribute to the overall strategic positioning.
To separate oneself in time from areas that do not fit into the overall picture makes it possible to avoid cost traps and to create financial leeway for investment in promising areas.

For our clients, we identify such areas, develop a plan to maximize sales revenue and evaluate the strategic dimension of the sale. In the concrete implementation, we enable our customers to find suitable buyers, accompany the negotiations and ensure that the transaction has no negative effects on the ongoing business.

Financial Restructuring

At a time when innovation cycles are becoming ever shorter and economic dynamics are rapidly changing thanks to globalization and digitization, the pressure on companies to act is increasing massively.
Based on a stable business model, companies must ensure dynamic and stable financing in order to compete in the competitive environment.

If groundbreaking decisions are missed and liquidity shortages occur, rapid solutions must first be found and then the causes tackled.

We support our clients in regaining financial stability and, in addition to our proven expertise in tried and tested concepts, we also offer an understanding of modern and alternative financing models that promise a solution in real time.

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