Digitization and Technology

“Digitalization today describes a comprehensive transformation of all business activities and creates a digital ecosystem with ever new approaches and technologies.”

Digitization and Technology

“Digitalization today describes a comprehensive transformation of all business activities and creates a digital ecosystem with ever new approaches and technologies.”

In order to maintain its place in the market in dynamic digital ecosystems, it is of central importance to fully face the challenges of digital change. We support our customers in the development of a digital business model, the strategic alignment of the necessary IT infrastructure and the formation of new cooperation, as well as in the identification and forecasting of trends and their optimal use with the help of our data analytics methods.

IT Transformation

Today, information technologies are not only the basis for a company’s value-enhancing activities, they also make their own contribution to value creation. Success depends on the extent to which IT harmonizes with the company’s overall strategy.

The use of technological possibilities is a serious influencing factor on the success of a company, but managers often find it difficult to make the right decisions in this complex topic.

In the past, the steady growth in software solutions produced a flood of sector-specific solutions that can often only be consolidated to a limited extent.
The loss of data and information as well as the often protracted information retrieval in one’s own system slow down growth, inhibit the ability to innovate and hinder the agility of companies. A suitable infrastructure therefore also means a defined strategy for the use of individual software solutions in the overall corporate context.

Whether IT systems are manufactured or purchased often has a great influence on the long-term strategic positioning. We support our customers in answering this question correctly in their specific areas and help to ensure the success of cooperation with regard to selection, contract design and organization.


The success of corporate mergers and carve-outs depends on the realization of existing synergies, especially with regard to the information technology framework. With our technical know-how we support clients in transformation processes to make the right decisions.

ADVYCE helps its customers to ensure that the use of information technologies is one hundred percent in line with the corporate strategy. We combine the in-depth analysis of the company-specific IT with our expert knowledge of the technological possibilities.

Digital Ecosystems

Digitalization today is no longer limited to the adaptation and automation of individual processes. Companies are increasingly moving within their own digital ecosystems, which cover the entire value chain and include suppliers, customers and employees.

We help our customers to identify existing systems, use them correctly and continuously develop them further. In doing so, we consider the requirements of all stakeholders and help to strengthen the company’s position in the existing ecosystem and to consistently control and shape specific developments.

Data-Oriented Management

In increasingly digital business models, data is gaining enormously in importance, because data-oriented decisions clearly outperform experience-based decisions. The exponential growth of the data volume generated and to be processed, driven by mega trends such as “Internet of Things”, increasingly poses great challenges for companies.
Big data” describes an almost unlimited amount of data that is available in real time and is consolidated from a large number of structurally different data sets. It is only through the use of data analytics that the potential of data in companies, that is still largely unused and partially unsorted, can be exploited.
The efficient use of Big Data therefore requires both suitable technological tools and “intelligent” algorithms with which the desired data can be extracted from the existing pool, displayed and correlated.

Only transformation through algorithms turns data into valuable information. ADVYCE uses such “intelligent” algorithms, has the statistical-mathematical procedures as well as suitable methods of data analysis and thus enables a complete exploitation of the potentials of Big Data, along the entire data life cycle.

The aim is to combine the existing data in such way that dependencies and relationships are uncovered and then used strategically in the project. Typically, this allows problems and cause-effect relationships to be identified and conceptual ideas for a solution to be developed.

Disruptive Technologies

The possibilities of digitization also include the potential for a redesign of internal company processes. We support companies in integrating new technologies into their business processes in order to increase efficiency.
The digital upheaval has now reached every sector. Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics or Internet of Things, the networking and digitization of all processes requires a rapid development of digital expertise.

We help you to understand the importance of current technologies for your own business model and to evaluate the potentials and risks of a potential implementation.

In doing so, we not only draw on our in-depth understanding of technological development, but also actively involve our network and partners in order to guarantee you an optimal approach to dealing with newly developed technologies.

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