“A company’s strategy and innovative strength are the key drivers of growth and competitiveness.”


“A company’s strategy and innovative strength are the key drivers of growth and competitiveness.”

Together with you, we develop a dynamic and sustainable strategy as the basis for an agile business model. At a time when disruptive business models are displacing established approaches and methods, a strategy is needed that proactively addresses change in order to correctly exploit growth potential and prevent risks!

Agile strategy definition and development

Corporate strategies are increasingly characterized by their ever-shorter half-lives. Radical changes in the competitive environment, realized opportunities for inorganic growth or structural changes in the customer market inevitably lead to a necessary redefinition of the corporate strategy. In this process, we support our clients by applying the classic toolbox as well as by providing insights, experience and networks.

Together with you, we redefine your goals and align your company to current circumstances and future challenges.

In particular, the agility of our developed strategies enables our customers to react in real time to changes within their industries without losing focus on the essential value drivers.

Innovation Management

In competition, the greatest opportunities for growth lie with the company that manages to constantly improve the components of its business model. Innovations are largely based on creativity.
The task of management is to create an environment in which creativity can unfold and to implement processes that channel promising ideas.

This is because innovations usually originate at the functional outer edge of an economic organism.

Together with you, we develop an individual approach for the permanent implementation of innovation management, which is able to develop, test and validate new ideas on a long-term basis.

We consider all levers of innovation generation and help you to derive your own ideas from current trends, to conserve them and to further develop them into real solutions. In the course of our projects, we build on our strategic experience and proven technology expertise.


Innovation is the central driver of growth. We identify growth potential in existing business activities and new innovations. In doing so, we set these in relation to the competition within the industry as well as to adjacent markets and new business fields.
Together with the customer, ADVYCE develops tailor-made concepts for the firm integration of a company-THEN, which makes it possible not only to identify the innovation potential, but also to transfer it into valuable business models and processes.

The scalability of newly developed business models is particularly important in the context of digital innovations. In this way, we help you lay the foundation for growth and thus for long-term competitive advantages, the risks and potential of which can be measured and controlled.


The globalized economic world drastically increases the dangers and opportunities for companies. Through our experience in opening up new sales markets, setting up production facilities and identifying, qualifying and developing suppliers in emerging markets, we offer our clients a unique combination of operational experience, a broad, international network and methodological expertise to optimally exploit the opportunities and risks of globalization.

Go one step further with us and open up markets today that will give you a strong competitive position tomorrow and enable cross-border growth.

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