New Business Models

“Developing new business models means using entrepreneurship within a company, actively shaping changes in one’s own market and letting customers participate.”

New Business Models

“Developing new business models means using entrepreneurship within a company, actively shaping changes in one’s own market and letting customers participate.”

Agility remains an empty concept as long as it is not lived. Together with you, we design new business models in which your employees and your customers are in the focus of development. We focus on the development of innovative, unique and scalable business models that combine intrapreneurship and customer journey.

Trend scouting and analysis

The ADVYCE trend radar identifies and evaluates the relevant trends for our customers.

The trend radar delivers first-class, industry-specific analyses through fully automated data queries using algorithms developed from ADVYCE expertise.

In a second step, scenarios are derived from the trend information, which are then evaluated based on various customer-relevant criteria.
This forms the basis for an objective evaluation of potential, sustainable business models (customer benefit promise, value creation architecture and earnings model), which are then deepened and elaborated in a final step together with our customers.


Entrepreneurship doesn’t just work top-down! Entrepreneurial thinking is often demanded, but rarely lived.
We support our customers in the conception and implementation of an individual approach for the integration of intrapreneurship into existing corporate structures.

In doing so, we go the way from the identification of integration potentials, the creation of an entrepreneurial culture and a functioning environment, to the conception, commercialization and scaling of business models developed within the company.

Business Intelligence

Using the latest technologies and proven methodology, we provide a data-based assessment of new business models regarding their risks and potentials and their potential for integration into current business models and processes.
How new business models will develop, whether and how new business models will work, has long required a keen sense of new trends, a lot of experience and the necessary intuition.

Today, on the basis of data-based simulations, we show you concrete scenarios which, through intelligent networking, not only enable the interpretation of historical data, but also the updating of current trends on a scientific basis.
In this way, we work with you to develop an intelligent business concept that ensures the long-term success of new business models.

Customer Journey

The digital innovations open up new possibilities to align the business with the needs of the customer. An increasing orientation of one’s own range of services towards the wishes of the customer is today an obligation with no alternative.

The restriction to a pure service portfolio is no longer enough today, because it is a matter of letting the customer participate in the development of the company.

We help our clients to better understand their customers by supporting them in making optimal use of the customer-related information offered by the Internet.

In addition, we design customer interaction strategies that make full use of technical possibilities. This includes coherent multi-channel strategies as well as the use of social media.

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