Operational Excellence

“Agile and Lean Management is no longer an approach to optimization, but a compelling necessity to survive in disruptive and increasingly competitive markets.”

Together with you, we will further develop your business processes so that you are always one step ahead of your industry. We analyze your business model top-down, from the functional areas to the individual work steps, and check each process for its effectiveness and efficiency. Whether on the cost or profit side, we support you in the implementation and consistent control of optimal processes.

Process Optimization and Lean Management

We have extensive project experience in the areas of process optimization and lean management, both in back office functions and in shop floor tasks.

This allows us to optimize processes and organizations pragmatically and efficiently in certain cross-sectional functions, especially in the areas of IT, purchasing, logistics and HR.

Cost Optimization

Inefficient processes are a major driver of poor performance and high costs. We examine the process chain of our clients for improvement potentials and consider organizational as well as technical aspects to ensure smooth and efficient business processes.

In addition to classical process cost analysis, we address cost-efficient personnel structures and derive optimal personnel strengths for corporate functions from input and output requirements of the interface functions. We accompany our customers from the analysis to the operative implementation of personnel cost reductions.

Purchasing costs are the most important component of the cost structure in almost all companies and thus also the most important lever for quickly and pragmatically reducing costs and generating liquidity.

We have implemented more than 300 projects in direct, indirect and capital goods purchasing and have developed our own methods to design purchasing specifications, purchasing sources and -processes for the benefit of our clients.

We optimize SG&A with our clients according to three dimensions: Unit costs, process costs and demand management. In a second step, we support our clients by setting up internal and external benchmarking systems in order to remain a leader in SG&A.


We examine the capital commitment of our clients with their suppliers, their customers and in all internal processes (production, logistics, etc.). and on this base derive action plans for the targeted reduction of working capital. These are then implemented in a second step together with our customers.

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