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Stephan Pelhak @ADVYCE
3 questions for Stephan Pelhak

What motivates me jobwise?

I am very interested in topics that can move me forward, especially innovative technologies. As a learned engineer, I always want to understand things in detail in order to learn new aspects at the same time. At the strategy consulting I am attracted by the diversified activities, which enable me to dive into complex subject areas again and again.

Why am I with ADVYCE?

ADVYCE offers me full development opportunities as a consultant. I appreciate both the high level of professionalism and the broad industry focus. It is noticeable that all team members possess the “ADVYCE DNA” in order to be able to provide the customer with the best possible result. In addition, ADVYCE offers a high degree of flexibility and personal responsibility.

Who am I personal?

I am a person who goes through life with a very positive attitude and who also brings with a healthy degree of self-criticism and self-irony. I prefer to spend my spare time with my family, which is the best way to relax. I draw energy, strength and new ideas for my daily work from the nature of the Alps – because as a Bavarian I live where others spend their holidays.

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