Timo Pech-Tsutsumi


Timo Pech-Tsutsumi has more than 13 years of experience in consulting companies on strategic issues in the use of information technology. His most recent focus was on the consideration of value creation potentials through new technologies and digitization.

He advises cross-industry clients from DAX corporations and internationally positioned medium-sized companies. The increase of value contributions through the use of new technologies and information is just as much a focus of his work as the implementation of corporate transactions and transformations in IT.

Timo Pech-Tsutsumi has been on board ADVYCE since its foundation in 2014. Prior to that, he worked in various leading management consulting firms. As a graduate computer scientist and Master of Business Administration, he works on the successful design of the interface between business and IT. Timo Pech-Tsutsumi is married and has one child. His passions include alpine and water sports.


Already Aristotle said, “There are two things on which prosperity in all circumstances is based. One is that the purpose and goal of the activity are correctly determined. The other, however, is to find the actions leading to this ultimate goal. As a consultant, you work together with your client on exactly this exciting path of strategy determination and its implementation.

Which characteristic do friends like about you?

Reliability, determination and openness

Your favourite thing to do after work?

A good balance of sociability with friends and family paired with culinary delights.

Where do you gather your energy?

During challenging climbs in the mountains and meditative energetic workouts

Your motto of life?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication