Katrin Engels


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Was motiviert mich beruflich?

I find it very motivating to be involved in shaping the future of our customers.

Working on innovative concepts and sustainable growth strategies is an exciting challenge that allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and experience new industry trends first-hand.

Constantly immersing ourselves in the customer’s world means a constant learning process with a wide range of tasks. Mastering these as a team is both fun and motivating.

Warum bin ich bei ADVYCE?

ADVYCE is an innovative and dynamic company that allows us to immerse ourselves in many different industries and work on multifaceted strategic issues.

The fact that the focus is always on working as a team ensures a friendly atmosphere and a lot of fun at work.

Due to the different professional backgrounds of each team member, we have the chance to learn from each other and to look at issues from different perspectives in order to constantly develop further.

Wer bin ich persönlich?

In my free time I love to travel and be fascinated by new places. The versatility of nature inspires me and I love to experience it best while hiking, biking or swimming.

As a big fan of the city of Cologne, serenity, spontaneity and positive thinking are close to my heart, because „et kütt wie et kütt und et hätt noch jot jejange“.

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